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2nd Annual Eagles Twitter Mock Draft

Louie DiBiase




Eagles Twitter 2nd Annual Mock Draft 

By: Gino Cammilleri 

Welcome on in everyone to the 2nd Annual Eagles Twitter Mock draft hosted by us here at Locked on Eagles, part of the Locked on Podcast Network, your team every day! For many of us, we have completed and read more mock drafts than we care to admit to. Doing mocks alone can be fun, but getting outside opinions always brings a little bit of spice to these drafts. That was the original inspiration for starting this annual mock draft. Everyone in this group has worked hard in their craft, they bring opinions that I value, and we all support the work of one another. Without further ado, I would like to present the eleven individuals from six different networks that participated in the 2020 Eagles Twitter Mock Draft –


Network: Locked on Eagles


Selector: Gino Cammilleri – @Gino_LOE

Teams: New York Giants & Seattle Seahawks


Drafter: Lou DiBiase – @DiBiaseLOE

Teams: Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, & Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Drafter: Lars Lewis – @larslewis12

Teams: Detroit Lions & Baltimore Ravens


Network: Philly Sports Network


Drafter: Chris Infante – @Infante54

Teams: Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, & Green Bay Packers


Drafter: Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Teams: Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, & Tennessee Titans


Drafter: Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Teams: Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, & Los Angeles Rams


Network: Another FB Pod


Drafter: Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Teams: Miami Dolphins (2nd Round), Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, & New Orleans Saints



Network: First Down Podcast


Drafter: Reece Mowlem – @ReeceMowlem97

Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars & Kansas City Chiefs


Network: 4th & Jawn


Drafter: Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Teams: New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, & Cincinnati Bengals


Drafter: Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Teams: Miami Dolphins (1st Round), Atlanta Falcons, & New England Patriots


Network: Draft Rite


Drafter: John Vogel – @johndavogel

Teams: Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, & Pittsburgh Steelers


Before I get to the breakdown of how this draft works, I wanted to first give a moment to appreciate all these gentlemen for the time they put into this. None of them had to go out of their way to dedicate time into this mock, but all of them were more than willing to participate. There are a lot of people on Twitter that I respect the hell out of, starting with all ten of the other men who participated. I hope to keep expanding this draft as the years go on with more like-minded individuals. We all put a lot of time into the draft with the intention of educating everyone with well informed opinions. I hope this draft does exactly that for all of our readers.


This draft was two rounds, with no trades. A random number generator was used to assign draft picks (it is a fluke that Lou got to pick for the Eagles in back-to-back years.) Each selector was given the role of GM for multiple teams across the two rounds with anywhere between 5 to 7 picks per person. Each pick is broken down as such –

Line 1: Round (X) Pick (X) – NFL Team

Line 2: Player, Position, School, 4 Digit Height (Feet, Inch, Inch, Eighth of an inch*)-Weight, Relative Athletic Score (Courtesy of @MathBomb and

Line 3: Player write up – Drafter name and Twitter tag

*Example of 4 Digit Height – Jeff Gladney – 5102 – 5 Feet, 10 Inches, and 2-8ths of an inch.

Each opinion is that of the individual named after the player write up paragraph. The great thing about player evaluation is that one set of eyes can see one thing and another can see something completely different. That is what makes this league the best in the world.

On the clock, Chris Mallee of 4th and Jawn, selecting 1st overall for the Cincinnati Bengals. Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoy!! – Gino Cammilleri, Co-Host of the Locked on Eagles Podcast.



Round 1 Pick 1 – Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU, 6035-221, RAS– 6.39

Bengals are in dire need for a spark plug for their offense and for this city. Joe Burrow is from Ohio and the entire world just saw him lead the LSU Tigers to a historic championship season. He is the no brainer pick and is the guy they can rebuild their team around. – Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Round 1 Pick 2 – Washington Redskins

Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State, 6047-264, RAS- N/A

Redskins need for a young premium pass-rusher is answered with the selection of Young. Washington should expect an immediate impact from a potential DROY candidate in Young. – Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Round 1 Pick 3 – Detroit Lions

Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama, 6042-312, RAS- 8.43

Detroit can’t go into the season with Dan Skipper at RT. Protecting Stafford is key and Wills should do just that for them. Corner depth is prime for the picking later on so you have to get your stud RT when available. – Lars Lewis – @larslewis12

Round 1 Pick 4 – New York Giants

Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa, 6047-320, RAS- 9.71

Knowing how old school GM Dave Gettelman thinks, Isaiah Simmons is a player DG cannot comprehend. Speaking of old school, how about picking a player in the trenches? Missing out on Wills, Wirfs is a great 1B selection to be the future at LT once Solder sees out his overpriced contract. Wirfs will be an instant upgrade at RT if they plan to play him there over journeyman, Cam Fleming. – Gino Cammilleri – @Gino_LOE

Round 1 Pick 5 – Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama, 6000-217, RAS- N/A

Tanking for Tua actually happened and the Dolphins get a talented quarterback to start building around. Obviously, Tua is coming off a hip injury, but his talent is too hard to pass up. Tua gets to learn and sit behind Savvy veteran Fitzmagic while getting back to being Tua. – Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Round 1 Pick 6 – Los Angeles Chargers

Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia, 6050-320, RAS- 8.12

Losing Okung opens the floodgates for the Chargers here. Anthony Lynn seems to like Tyrod Taylor and behind a solid line, there’s no reason they can’t develop a younger arm. – Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Round 1 Pick 7 – Carolina Panthers

Isaiah Simmons, SAF, Clemson, 6035-233, RAS- 9.97

There are a few different ways the Panthers can go here, unfortunately a Temple player isn’t one of them. Losing Keuchley to retirement and Bradberry to free agency is a huge blow to the defense. They desperately need defensive tackle help with both Gerald McCoy and Vernon Butler gone. They fill two needs with one player in Simmons. A jack of all trades linebacker, he has the ability to line up at slot corner, linebacker, and safety. He won’t make Panthers fans forget about Keuchley, but he’ll quickly win their affections. – Chris Infante – @Infante54

Round 1 Pick 8 – Arizona Cardinals

Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State, 6011-205, RAS- 8.97

The Cardinals could use OL help but the top three prospects are off the board….and Okudah somehow is still available. No brainer here for Arizona to get their new Patrick Peterson. – Lou DiBiase – @DiBiaseLOE

Round 1 Pick 9 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama, 6010-193, RAS- 6.73

The Jaguars may have larger holes in their roster to fill than receiver, but it’s clear from Jacksonville’s offseason activity that they are once again in full re-build mode. With that being the case, I felt it right to just take the best player available in wideout Jerry Jeudy. The Alabama prospect is deadly in the open field, superb at the catch point (despite not being the most physically imposing), and has an incredible knack for manipulating opposing cornerbacks and creating separation. There are some who have concerns over his athleticism after a less than stellar combine performance, but Jeudy’s speed and agility show up big on tape, making him the perfect piece to help young quarterback Gardner Minshew going forward. – Reece Mowlem – @ReeceMowlem97

Round 1 Pick 10 – Cleveland Browns

Javon Kinlaw, iDL, South Carolina, 6051-324, RAS- N/A

Andrew Berry mimicked Howie Roseman and chooses to build in the trenches and giving this defensive line some much needed help. – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 1 Pick 11 – New York Jets

CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma, 6020-198, RAS- 7.44

Sam Darnold needs his guy. Anderson is leaving and Perriman is not going to push the needle for that offense. Lamb is a pure WR1 who can give Darnold 10-100-1 every game off of volume alone. He’s the clear pick. – Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Round 1 Pick 12 – Las Vegas Raiders

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama, 5110-188, RAS- 9.53

The Raiders definitely want to push the envelope on offense, and give their future quarterback weapons. While CeeDee Lamb was the targeted prospect, the Jets pulled the trigger on their preferred prospect, so the Raiders decide to implement pure speed into the offense. – John Vogel – @johndavogel

Round 1 Pick 13 – San Francisco 49ers

Derrick Brown, iDL, Auburn, 6045-326, RAS- 5.85

49ers just parted with DT Deforest Buckner and are left with a void. Thomas is there but at 14, Brown is a top 10 talent and too talented to not pick in this spot. – Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Round 1 Pick 14 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville, 6073-364, RAS-9.84

Tampa Bay has the weapons for Tom Brady. Gotta make sure they continue building up his protection on the OL. Becton is good value at 14. – Lou DiBiase – @DiBiaseLOE

Round 1 Pick 15 – Denver Broncos

Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU, 5102-191, RAS- 6.16

If the receivers start to fall, Denver can’t afford to reach. Instead, they inject some youth into the secondary with an explosive corner who can hold his own on an island. – Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Round 1 Pick 16 – Atlanta Falcons

C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida, 6006-204, RAS- 9.98

Falcons would have loved to have Kinlaw fall here, but they addressed another need with the Trufant era over. Someone is going to have to cover the talented opposing WR’s in the NFC South. – Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Round 1 Pick 17 – Dallas Cowboys

Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU, 5115-197, RAS- 7.99

The Cowboys defense needs some work, namely a pass rusher to pair with Lawrence. But the loss of Byron Jones could prove deadly in a division with rising star Terry McLaurin, Darrius Slayton, Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, DeSean Jackson, and whomever else the Eagles trot out there. Fulton provides immediate relief for the hit the secondary took with Jones leaving. His tackling needs work, but he has some stickiness to him when it comes to man coverage. – Chris Infante – @Infante54

Round 1 Pick 18 – Miami Dolphins

Josh Jones, OT, Houston, 6050-319, RAS- 7.83

Dolphins get their QB and begin to protect their future investment (Tua). Dolphins would love to come away with a starting tackle, especially when they’re in desperate need of an upgrade at the position. – Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Round 1 Pick 19 – Las Vegas Raiders

Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon, 6050-232, RAS- 9.70

Jon Gruden cannot pass up the opportunity to bring in a QB who can do serious damage. – John Vogel – @johndavogel

Round 1 Pick 20 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama, 6013-205, RAS- N/A

After losing both Ramsey and Bouye over the past 6 months, the Jags have to fill the vacancies left at the cornerback position. Enter Trevon Diggs. The younger brother of Stefon Diggs, Trevon is maybe the best press-coverage corner in the class and would be an excellent addition to a Jacksonville secondary that’s crying out for help. – Reece Mowlem – @ReeceMowlem97

Round 1 Pick 21 – Philadelphia Eagles

K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU, 6030-254, RAS- N/A

The Eagles need WR help more than anything, and passing on one with their first pick is risky. Might have to move up from 53 overall to get one. But the value of K’Lavon Chaisson? The upside that an explosive edge rusher like that provides? Considering how strong the Eagles DL already is… is a scary thought for opposing offenses to have Chaisson pair up with Cox, Graham, Hargrave, Jackson, and Barnett. – Lou DiBiase – @DiBiaseLOE

Round 1 Pick 22 – Minnesota Vikings

Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor, 6027-207, RAS- 9.76

Moving Diggs is rough, but the Vikings replace him with Mims, who has the potential to be the vastly better player. – John Vogel – @johndavogel

Round 1 Pick 23 – New England Patriots

A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa, 6051-275, RAS- 4.09

Belicheck adds another piece to his defensive line, Epenesa skill set should fit like a glove in New England. – Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Round 1 Pick 24 – New Orleans Saints

Jordan Love, QB, Utah State, 6038-224, RAS- 8.43

Drew Brees final season in NO gives Love a chance to sit and develop with an offensive mastermind HC. – Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Round 1 Pick 25 – Minnesota Vikings

Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma, 6024-241, RAS- 9.89

Corner would have been the more preferred destination, but the Vikings see an opportunity to fill a need. – John Vogel – @johndavogel

Round 1 Pick 26 – Miami Dolphins

D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia, 5082-212, RAS- 7.51

Dolphins complete the offensive makeover. A dynamic three-down-weapon for Tua to rely in the running game and passing game for years to come. – Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Round 1 Pick 27 – Seattle Seahawks

Cesar Ruiz, iOL, Michigan, 6026-307, RAS- 9.09

As it stands, Seattle has Joey Hunt and Ethan Pocic in a competition for arguably the most important position on the OL outside of LT. Bring in Ruiz, a mauler who will help sure up Wilson’s Center and be a vital part of Seattle’s run based offense. – Gino Cammilleri – @Gino_LOE

Round 1 Pick 28 – Baltimore Ravens

Xavier McKinney, SAF, Alabama, 6003-201, RAS- 5.90

McKinney will be the long-term replacement for Earl Thomas and a long-term tandem with Chuck Clark in an already stacked defense full of young talent. – Lars Lewis – @larslewis12

Round 1 Pick 29 – Tennessee Titans

Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU, 5011-195, RAS- 5.98

The Titans have started planning for the departure of Corey Davis Reagor is the perfect man for the job if still on the board. – Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Round 1 Pick 30 – Green Bay Packers

Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU, 6012-202, RAS- 9.69

Davante Adams and then who? The Packers need a legitimate number two alongside the superstar WR and Jefferson offers just that. After dominating college with 111 catches in his final year, he’ll bring that production to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, Jones, Adams, and Jefferson could create nightmares for opposing defenses. – Chris Infante – @Infante54

Round 1 Pick 31 – San Francisco 49ers

Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah, 6000-193, RAS- 7.77

The 49ers have a loaded offense and already fixed up their DL with Derrick Brown. Now it’s time to get a young dynamic CB in Jaylon Johnson to learn behind or next to Richard Sherman who’s likely in the twilight of his career. – Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Round 1 Pick 32 – Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Queen, LB, LSU, 6002-229, RAS- 8.00

Linebacker isn’t as pressing a need for the Super Bowl champs as cornerback or edge rusher, but Patrick Queen would give the Chiefs excellent athleticism, energy and versatility in the middle of the defense. – Reece Mowlem – @ReeceMowlem97



Round 2 Pick 1 (33) – Cincinnati Bengals

Lloyd Cushenberry, iOL, LSU, 6030-312, RAS- 7.43

The Bengals just invested in their new QB1, why not protect him with his former teammate and highest rated lineman in Lloyd Cushenberry. Cincy has Trey Hopkins as their center but Cush can dominate at guard as well. – Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Round 2 Pick 2 (34) – Indianapolis Colts

Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn, 5119-190, RAS- 8.01

Colts are in search for an outside starting CB and land just that in Igbinoghene. – Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Round 2 Pick 3 (35) – Detroit Lions

K.J. Hamler, WR, Penn State, 5085-178, RAS- N/A

They finally find their long term #3 with Jones/Golladay on the outside. The Pontiac, MI native would return home to man the slot to give that offense some quickness/athleticism. – Lars Lewis – @larslewis12

Round 2 Pick 4 (36) – New York Giants

Zack Baun, EDGE, Wisconsin, 6023-238, RAS- 7.85

With the departure of Markus Golden, the Giants have to get someone who can get to the passer. Baun had unbelievable production in college, showing that he can play in the best defensive conference in CFB. Baun would be an instant upgrade as a move DE/Jack LB for the Giants 3-4 defense. Gettelman finally gets a true pass-rusher in NY. – Gino Cammilleri – @Gino_LOE

Round 2 Pick 5 (37) – Los Angeles Chargers

Marlon Davidson, iDL, Auburn, 6030-303, RAS- 6.47

If it’s a developmental QB the Chargers want, they can wait. Let’s make one of the most terrifying pass-rushes in the NFL. – Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Round 2 Pick 6 (38) – Carolina Panthers

Neville Gallimore, iDL, Oklahoma, 6020-304, RAS- 7.12

With Gerald McCoy gone, the Panthers currently have a third-year pro slotted into the starting nose tackle spot, but he’s only played two career games. In a division with Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and some dude named Tom Brady, they’ll need someone dominant at nose tackle to disrupt those elite quarterbacks. Enter Gallimore. He is an excellent pass rusher and has been comped to Timmy Jernigan. He ran a 4.79 40 at 304 lbs. Dude has some wheels. Fullback in front of CMC? – Chris Infante – @Infante54

Round 2 Pick 7 (39) – Miami Dolphins

Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia, 6064-350, RAS- 7.24

Dolphins already grabbed an OT in Jones, but need to replace Davenport in order to protect Tua. – Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Round 2 Pick 8 (40) – Houston Texans

Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn, 6050-308, RAS- N/A

Texans look to solidify their OLine in hopes to clean up the pocket for Watson. – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 2 Pick 9 (41) – Cleveland Browns

Grant Delpit, SAF, LSU, 6024-213, RAS- N/A

Browns keep the defensive theme going and get talent at huge position of need. – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 2 Pick 10 (42) – Jacksonville Jaguars

Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State, 6023-265, RAS- 7.72

With Calais Campbell already out the door and Yannick Ngakoue looking likely to follow, Coach Marrone could use some help on the defensive line. Weaver has been one of the most dominant pass rushers in college football over the past two seasons, and despite both level of competition and athleticism being concerns, the production is just too good to ignore. – Reece Mowlem – @ReeceMowlem97

Round 2 Pick 11 (43) – Chicago Bears

Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson, 6035-216, RAS- 4.20

With Nick Foles in the fold now. The Bears take full advantage of his playing style and draft a WR who can win on the outside especially with 50/50 catches. – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 2 Pick 12 (44) – Indianapolis Colts

Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado, 6005-227, RAS- 6.99

Colts desperately need to add a physical playmaker to WR group to make a run with Rivers. – Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Round 2 Pick 13 (45) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson, 6011-195, RAS- 8.72

Terrell is one of the best man-coverage corners in this draft and he would be a steal for Tampa Bay at 45th overall. Speed, ball skills, fluidity, oozing of potential.

Round 2 Pick 14 (46) – Denver Broncos

Lucas Niang, OT, TCU, 6060-315, RAS- N/A

The Broncos allowed 40 sacks last year and if Drew Lock is to have any hope of putting together any kind of decent season, it starts up front. Receivers can be grabbed later. – Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Round 2 Pick 15 (47) – Atlanta Falcons

Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State, 6050-266, RAS- N/A

The Falcons get solid value with Gross-Matos falling to them in the second, although they just signed Dante Fowler you can never have enough pass rushers in this league. – Gayle Saunders – @EagleSessions

Round 2 Pick 16 (48) – New York Jets

Austin Jackson, OT, USC, 6050-322, RAS- 9.46

The Jets have their QB1 and now their WR1 in Lamb. Now it’s time to protect Darnold with athletic OT, Austin Jackson. He can play either tackle positions and boxes to be a day 1 NFL starter. Also, Darnold won’t mind having another Trojan in the locker room. – Chris Mallee – @mallee_chris_24

Round 2 Pick 17 (49) – Pittsburgh Steelers

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU, 5072-207, RAS- 5.39

James Connor enters his contract year, and the Steelers won’t be trusting the services of Benny Snell to replace him. CEH makes a lot of sense here because if his versatility. – John Vogel – @johndavogel

Round 2 Pick 18 (50) – Chicago Bears

Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State, 6060-311, RAS- 9.92

Bears looking to build up the OLine after the retirement of Kyle Long – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 2 Pick 19 (51) – Round 1 Pick 17 – Dallas Cowboys

Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama, 6052-262, RAS- N/A

Safety could’ve been the pick here but the loss of Robert Quinn makes edge a dire need. Sure they got Aldon Smith, but he hasn’t played in four years. Randy Gregory is an unknown, so they may need someone to step in immediately. He is excellent in defending both run and pass and will give defensive coordinator Mike Nolan an extremely versatile defense. He comes with major injury concerns, but his talent should outweigh that. – Chris Infante – @Infante54

Round 2 Pick 20 (52) – Los Angeles Rams

Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin, 5102-226, RAS- 9.54

After letting go of Gurley and the uncertainty around Henderson, the Rams look to Taylor to be the answer. – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 2 Pick 21 (53) – Philadelphia Eagles

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State, 5115-205, RAS- 8.39

Getting Chaisson to fall and Aiyuk? Philadelphia coming away like bandits in this draft. Aiyuk is the exact kind of weapon the Eagles need. Upside to become a future WR1, one of the best RAC receivers in this deep class, explosive, long speed, and a crazy wingspan that allows him to be aggressive when he can’t create separation. Aiyuk-Jackson-Sanders can be the new Maclin-Jackson-McCoy. – Lou DiBiase – @DiBiaseLOE

Round 2 Pick 22 (54) – Buffalo Bills

Jeremy Chinn, SAF, Southern Illinois, 6030-221, RAS- 10.00

The Bills don’t have a lot of needs and are in the perfect position to take a swiss arm knife like Jeremy Chinn. He’ll be able to play as a safety with Hyde and Poyer. As a linebacker with Edmunds and Milano. Or even as a CB with White. – Lou DiBiase – @DiBiaseLOE

Round 2 Pick 23 (55) – Baltimore Ravens

Matt Peart, OT, UConn, 6065-318, RAS- 9.01

A smart pick for a Ravens team that doesn’t need him right away. Getting proper coaching will be necessary for the raw talent with a monster 38″ arms. A four-year starter who will be a key zone blocking piece in the Ravens offense who love to run the ball. – Lars Lewis – @larslewis12

Round 2 Pick 24 (56) – Miami Dolphins

Ashtyn Davis, SAF, California, 6007-202, RAS- N/A

Dolphins have to make up for trading away Minkah Fitzpatrick and cutting Reshad Jones; Davis does just that. – Conor Myles – @MylesSheet

Round 2 Pick 25 (57) – Los Angeles Rams

Antoine Winfield Jr., SAF, Minnesota, 5091-203, RAS- 7.85

Rams solidify their safety group with Winfield, as he competes with Rapp and Johnson. – Bryan Cameron – @BCameronPSN

Round 2 Pick 26 (58) – Minnesota Vikings

Kyle Dugger, SAF, Lenoir-Rhyne, 6007-217, RAS- 9.57

An incredibly athletic back-end guy, the Vikings look to pair Harrison Smith to form a strong back-end. Dugger is a low impact guy who could be an All-Pro two-to-three years into his career. – John Vogel – @johndavogel

Round 2 Pick 27 (59) – Seattle Seahawks

Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame, 6042-252, RAS- N/A


Round 2 Pick 28 (60) – Baltimore Ravens

Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame, 6042-238, RAS- 9.98

6’5″ with 4.42 speed who can go up and get the jump ball. Getting Claypool in that offense gives a huge target for Jackson with Hollywood’s speed on the other side. – Lars Lewis – @larslewis12

Round 2 Pick 29 (61) – Tennessee Titans

Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia, 6010-200, RAS- N/A

The Titans could use some more talent in the secondary and it could come down to a decision between this and a tackle. With Logan Ryan unsigned and depth being light, Hall makes sense here. – Liam Jenkins – @LiamJenkinsPSN

Round 2 Pick 30 (62) – Green Bay Packers

Ben Bartch, OT, St. Johns, 6056-309, RAS- N/A

While this might be a reach, Rodgers needs this. Projected as a guard, he played tackle throughout his collegiate career. If he can hone his skills and work on his footwork, he can stay at tackle and provide some much-needed protection for the 36 year old QB. – Chris Infante – @Infante54

Round 2 Pick 31 (63) – Kansas City Chiefs

Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State, 6022-188, RAS- 3.05

Even though his abysmal combine performance was highly concerning, Cameron Dantzler still possess several traits of an elite cornerback. His ability to make plays in both man and zone coverage schemes makes him a great fit for a Chiefs secondary that’s in need of long corner. – Reece Mowlem – @ReeceMowlem97

Round 2 Pick 32 (64) – Seattle Seahawks

Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU, 6041-321, RAS- N/A

The talk is Charles has been flying up draft boards in the past few weeks. If they want to bring longevity to Wilson’s career behind center, bringing in two OL in the first two rounds is ideal. Charles should be able to compete with Brandon Shell at RT in camp, with a possibility to win the competition. – Gino Cammilleri – @Gino_LOE

Louie, an Eagles, and NFL enthusiast all his life has finally found his home to share his thousands of takes on the Philadelphia Eagles with Locked on Eagles. Louie also works in Buffalo sports radio as a writer, host, and producer for WGR Sports Radio 550 the official home of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. He may be far from the nest, but Louie bleeds green just like the rest of Eagles Nation. Fly Eagles Fly.

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