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Eagles Evaluations: WR Alshon Jeffery




Upon signing a heavily incentivized 1 year, $9.5 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in the offseason, WR Alshon Jeffery has spurred plenty of debate in regard whether he was worth the contract he currently plays under and if he deserves to be resigned this upcoming offseason.

I wanted to put that aside for a moment and look back at his 2016 season with the Chicago Bears before moving forward with scrutinizing his 2017 film. Luckily, that work was already done. In the summer I wrote a report on Jeffery for the Scouting Academy deemed worthy of being included in their Summer Showcase.

To clarify, as with past evaluations I’ve written, these notes come strictly from 2016 tape and are written with all of the flair and pizazz of an accountants’ résumé. These reports are created with the idea that they are being read by coaches and scouting departments, not by you, the gentle reader. So please, excuse the lack of narrative prose, enjoy, and keep an eye out for the new Alshon Jeffery report based on 2017 tape dropping soon!


5th year WR that has started 56 of 63 games. Played 12 games last year and served a 4-game suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy. History of hamstring injuries. Played 68.4% of the Bears total offensive snaps, accounted for 14.9% of receptions and 19.8% of yards with a 55.3% catch rate while playing with Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley at Quarterback. First year playing under OC Dowell Loggains’ vertical spread scheme.


Lengthy, solid frame with good athletic ability relying on solid burst and good foot quickness. Possesses very good mental processing and often helps other teammates get lined up correctly.

Very good release; utilizes jab, stutter, rip, swim and whip techniques to consistently beat press and get desired release inside and outside. Swats DBs punches at line, often maintains strong inside arm and hand fighting to keep frame clean throughout route stem. Utilizes good foot speed and acceleration off LOS to eat cushion, get DBs on heels, and manipulate hips.

Aggressive mentality; does not waste steps before or after breakpoint. Hands remain active with very good play strength to create separation by pushing DBs away or escorting them upfield before breaking back to LOS. Varies speed against off coverage to test DBs discipline.

Good separation quickness; able to sink quickly once DB opens hips and takes smooth, compact steps at breakpoint. Regularly utilizes head nods to maintain distance with DB, solid burst out of plant steps, and maintains speed through multiple chained cuts to separate on breaking and vertical routes.

Very good at finding seams; diagnoses CB-SAF relationship in live action with very good play speed and alters routes accordingly. Regularly finds soft spots in short-to-intermediate zones by processing coverages quickly. Maintains ideal position when boxing out on curls. Sells run action well and bursts into voids left by pursuing defenders.

Very good body control; quick reaction time and capable of contorting/reaching back for throws behind his frame. Frequently wins contested catches by creating windows at the catch-point with nudges, shoves, late hands and good concentration to provide DBs less reaction time for potential breakups. Good, strong hands to make catches away from frame above and at his eyes with the build to absorb contact well at catch-point.

Often falls forward for extra yards after contact and is rarely stood up by defenders. Good competitive toughness; has toughness and willingness to make catches over the middle, shows decent effort as a blocker, and doesn’t carryover drops to the next snap/series.


Has tendency to get stacked against off coverage when DB jams at the middle of the route stem and is occasionally forced to release around when DB stays patient in press due to limited lateral agility at speed.

Ball gets into frame on throws below the eyes on the move and slow stride. Occasional drops on the move away from frame and above eyes. Rounds off hard angle breaks with no defender to push from in immediate area.

Marginal YAC; lacks creativity/elusiveness/lateral burst after the catch.


Overall, a starting X* WR you can win with that relies on size, play strength, mental processing and linear speed. Excels on the outside/vertically, limited after the catch. Scheme versatile; capable of making an impact on all 3 levels of the passing game.

*X denotes a WR that is tethered to the line, unable to motion, and more susceptible to being pressed via alignment, thus must be capable of consistently beating press.

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Keep an eye out for the 2017 Jeffery report, as well as an evaluation of newly acquired Chicago Bears’ WR Dontrelle Inman.


Michael is an NFL Draft enthusiast, aspiring scout, and grandson of longtime East Stroudsburg (Pa.) HS football coach John P. Kist. He hosts Locked On Eagles and writes for Inside the Pylon & Breaking Football.

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