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Philadelphia Eagles

Some spooky similarities in the Eagles win

Louie DiBiase



Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a believer in the simulation theory, fate, destiny, then how the Eagles won their Wild Card match-up with the Chicago Bears may have confirmed that belief.

It was scary how similar this win was to so many key moments in Eagles history.

Let’s go through it.

Maclin’s game-winner in Tampa Bay all over again

On the game-winning touchdown from Nick Foles to Golden Tate, the Eagles rolled Foles out to the right, hitting Tate perfectly on the outside as he fell into the end zone to take a 16-15 lead.

The play call looked pretty familiar to a lot of fans and media members.

It was the exact play from Foles’s only win his rookie season back in 2012 against the Buccanneers.

Pederson was asked about the play and its similarity to Maclin’s game-winning touchdown seven years ago. He instantly recognized the comparison.

Another 4th and goal for the win

This might be the spookiest similarity. In the first playoff game of the 2017 Super Bowl run, the Eagles were hanging on to a 15-10 lead with the Falcons driving in Philadelphia territory.

The Falcons had a 4th and goal opportunity to win the game. Fast forward a year later and the Eagles offense, down 15-10 had a 4th and goal to take the lead late in the game.

While the Eagles scored and the Falcons didn’t, look at all the similarities of the two situations.


Foles comes off the field with the lead 2.0

Nick Foles drove down the field and took the lead against the Bears with a little under a minute to play. With a time-out and great field position after a big return from Tarik Cohen, the Bears were able to set up their kicker Cody Parkey a 43-yard field goal to win it.

Flashback to the 2013 Wild Card round, Nick Foles connected with Zach Ertz for a touchdown late in the game to give the Eagles a two-point lead.

Saints RB Darren Sproles sets up New Orleans near their 40-yard line with a big kickoff return.

Drew Brees and the offense marched down the field and kicker Shayne Graham hit the game-winner to send the Eagles packing.

This was the same scenario, only Treyvon Hester was able to get a hand on Parkey’s kick and make it shank off the left post and out.


A fake Philly Special?

Another nostalgic moment in Chicago was on the 2-point conversion following Tate’s touchdown to take the lead.

Nick Foles lined up in the shotgun and in a familiar move, he went down to check Lane Johnson but the ball was directly snapped to Wendell Smallwood.

It was the Philly Special! With a new element however. Instead of Smallwood pitching the ball to a receiver and throwing to Foles, he went up the middle and tried to hurdle past the goal-line.

The play was “unsuccessful” although it looked like the ball past the plain. The fact that a fake Philly Special was dialed up is just too cool.

Jason Kelce told the media after the game that the play was installed right before the Jaguars game in London. It was supposed to be the “London Special”.

Too much for a nerdy Eagles fan to handle.


Too many similarities to count

While there were some differences in these moments such as faking the Philly Special, and the Eagles actually converting the 4th and goal, unlike Atlanta last year. Or the fact that this time around the opposing team’s attempt at a game-winning field goal was no good.

But one has to see these moments, see the goal-line stand against Atlanta Week 1 of the regular season, see the Philly-Philly dialed up in the opener, have Nick Foles take over for Carson Wentz who was once again injured, leading the team on another magical postseason run, one has to witness this and appreciate how unworldly similar they have been to situations in Eagles history.



Louie, an Eagles, and NFL enthusiast all his life has finally found his home to share his thousands of takes on the Philadelphia Eagles with Locked on Eagles. Louie also works in Buffalo sports radio as a writer, host, and producer for WGR Sports Radio 550 the official home of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. He may be far from the nest, but Louie bleeds green just like the rest of Eagles Nation. Fly Eagles Fly.

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